is it the DMR better than the dPMR?

I´ld like to know what technologie is better for digital rádios. We have today the FDMA and the TDMA. I see that FDMA it´s a frequency division and the TDMA it´s a time division, but what makes one better than the other.


  • Comment by John Graham | 18. 12. 2012.

    Like all technologies DMR and dPMR suit different uses. Where an existing single site analog repeater is being replaced with low relative usage either technology would serve the purpose. In fact dPMR would deliver the smallest RF profile in this case. At the other end of the scale where a medium to high capacity multi-site trunking system is involved DMR would serve to offer a better soultion with only 50% of the base station units required to provide the same level of traffic capacity. At a more technical level adjacent channel reuse is more problematic with selectivity issues and on muti-base station sites the combining system becomes more complex for dPMR.

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