What is the maximum number of repeaters sites can a DMR can handle?

How many repeater sites can the DMR tier III can handle?? Can this handle voice and data effectively?? are there any electric utilities using this already??


  • Comment by Anonymous | 8. 10. 2012.

    You can always tell an expert! Thanks for contributing.

  • Comment by John Graham | 7. 12. 2012.

    Greg, You have asked 3 good questions. The number of repeater sites that DMR tier III can handle is dependant on the vendors solution. In one case up to 1000 sites can be handled assuming each site has one control slot and one voice slot. In practice the number of sites will depend on the carriers required per site to provide the required level of service. In a typical very large utility scenario around 250 sites should easily be acheived. Yes DMR Tier III can handle voice and data, like MPT data is native both on the control slot and on the traffic slots which can serve as packet data capacity. MPT served a significant community DMR offers greater data rates and more comprehensive error correction. At present a number of utilities have started deploying DMR tier III.

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