Dennis Buchanan

Dennis Buchanan

Telecommunications Technician at Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Dennis Buchanan has served in multiple roles during his 18 years at Rappahannock Electric Cooperative where he's currently a telecommunications technician. His experiences with REC include managing several communications and backbone network migration projects resulting in today's analog trunked network with VoIP. Prior to joining REC, Mr. Buchanan served as site manager and a member of the design team responsible for the installation and maintenance of North Anna Nuclear Power's 800 MHz trunked radio system and Emergency Notification system. Previous to North Anna, Dennis served as Senior Telecommunications Technician for Virginia Electric Power Company for 18 eighteen years following his discharge from the US NAVY. He holds an Associates Degree in Business Management, Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters of Science in Technology Management.

With a digital radio system we can leverage emergency notifications, man-down, possibly even video in an emergency situation. These would allow the dispatcher to analyse the situation, know whether it was life threatening and…where their personnel are when the emergency button is pushed.

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Dennis Buchanan on DMR