Using Spectrum for Mission Critical Voice and Efficiency Improvements

Radio is still considered the best option for mission critical voice. Tetra and DMR have both been targeted towards utilities, but DMR is a better fit for wide area application and can provide equal or better coverage than analog systems. Data is also an important topic in this video: can DMR reduce cellular network costs?

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Member: All of the discussion we've had so far is talking about putting other applications on a DMR network. I guess, to the point that you have to come back to the realization, and we had to deal with this, is that the overall purpose, as I understand for the DMR, would be for the crew to be able to have radio communications when they want it to dispatch and vice versa. We installed an AVL system on the analog system that we had, and what we found was, over time, that just wasn't going to work. I don't know how it would work in a digital environment, but at some point in time, that radio had to transmit its location back to dispatch to be able to put it on the map as to where they were. And invariably, it was when the crew was reaching for the microphone to place a call.

Moderator: So it degraded the voice?

Member: It degraded the voice. And we had the dispatch supervisor, manager who wanted to know where they were every half mile if he would have got his way, which I wouldn't have allowed. So we come up with some tiers - but even then it degraded when dispatch could make a call, whether the call was received, or whether the crew could make a call. And the real break point was that we operate an emergency button. You push a button.

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