How well will DMR co-exist with other communication technologies in utilities

Because of limited bandwidth, utility companies must use public networks for some services. The problem, however, is that these commercial services are outside their control. In case of an outage, the most critical elements must run on private networks to prevent loss of essential service.

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Moderator: One of the interesting things I'm hearing here - if I'm hearing correctly - is that where utilities used to basically own or manage almost all of their resources, what I hear now is talking about outsourcing major parts of the communication network and its connections. Is that correct? Is that what I'm hearing?

Member: There is outsource appropriate deals that can be done, right. There are some communications that can be outsourced if aren't critical infrastructure communications. There are others that may require private network.

Moderator: You make a distinction between the communications network that the utility considers critical, and then there is the other communications capabilities that you outsource.

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