Radio in an IP environment

Smart Grid funding has created the IP market. IP provides clear benefits, such as increased flexibility, distributed control, lower costs, and interoperability with commercial providers. There are some security issues, however, and IT teams need to have sufficient knowledge to prevent them.

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Moderator: We will be getting into the security aspects. But, you know, the interesting point here is that this seems to be another juncture at which you want to say, well, what is our strategy for managing this whole thing? I mean, all of the IP connectivity allows for the possibility of things managing themselves more towards the edge of the network and being more dynamic and talk. You just plug stuff in. It says, "hi, I'm such and such a device with this IP address, and I'm part of this group here, and we will manage ourselves". But on the other hand, as a utility manager, you've lost a bit of control. But if you insist on centralizing the control, you run out of bandwidth. And if you add security, that puts more load on the bandwidth. So where does the utility go? What is the feeling? Are we still going to want centralized management? If so, what or are we going to go only distributed.

Member: You need to be a little careful, because it is not an either/or.

Member: No.

Member: And it is not an "everything has to talk to everything", and you have to break perimeters. It is a careful set of deliberate steps about what you are going to do and what you are not going to do....

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