The future of the digital radio connected utility.

While many believe the future is about the "Smart Grid", there is disagreement over what it actually is. The delegates work to find a definition of the Smart Grid, discuss if management should be distributed or centralized, and set technological priorities so that money is spent in the right places.

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Moderator: But I think, you know, the focus of this is really not on the technology as such, but how it fits with the changing utility industry. And one of the major points of discussion in how the utility industry is developing is Smart Grid. But, what is Smart Grid? You get a variety of different answers. So, anyone tell me what their understanding of Smart Grid for their utility is?

Member: This is a "has-been" term that has now been politicized, which is radioactive.

Member: I think you will find anybody who is talking about an inside of a utility today talking about grid modernization rather than Smart Grid.

Moderator: Okay.

Member: I heard a definition from the customer point of view. It is - it is not my definition, but someone said at a conference I was at - they said Smart Grid is when I can get the type of power when I want it at the cost I want it, the price I want to pay for it. To the, to the customer, that is the Smart Grid.

Moderator: And that is the end customer. Don't the utilities have an interest in the extent of their management and control of the utilities, how much they want to centralize, how much they want to decentralize. Isn't that part of it?

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